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Providing the Highest and Best Quality E-Juice,E-Liquids and E-Cigs at The Lowest Price. My Freedom Smoke Juice uses only top quality ingredients for that perfect vaping experience. Freshly Made in the USA and Shipped Fast to you. With Free Shipping on Any Order Over $75.00 

Want quality made e-liquid for your electronic cigarettes? My Freedom Smokes can make it happen.

If you have an e-cigarette then you know how important good e-juice is to your vaping experience and electronic cigarette. A lot of the e-liquids sold today are sub-standard and low quality flavored e liquids. My freedom Smokes is different.

My Freedom Smoke Juice is a higher quality e-liquid made right here in the U.S. in a clean enviroment using top quality flavorings and liquid nicotine or non nicotine bases. Quality assured e-Liquids in many flavors at great low prices are manufactured and distributed in all sizes from thier sanitary and safe facility direct to you. From sample sizes and DYI mixing accesories to wholesale and bulk quanities My Freedom Smokes is worth a look.

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A Little About E-Liquid Flavors Offered By MyFreedomSmokes
One of the most important ingredients that make Quality e-liquids is the flavoring. Taste is a sense that gets better quickly when vaping an E Cigarette rather than a tobacco filled traditional cigarette. Most new users will like the traditional flavor of tobacco or menthol in an e-liquid, while others enjoy fruit, desert, or exotic flavors. These e-liquids uses premium USA approved natural and artificial flavoring to achieve a great flavor pallet. These flavors are born from actual vapers or e-cig testers and employ a lot of research and development to create recipes that are consistent.

E-Liquid Throat Hit Characteristics
Great e-liquid equal great "Throat Hit". Throat hit is the feeling a smoker gets when the nicotine hits the back of their throat while inhaling. It’s the difference between the feelings like you inhaled smoke from a regular cigarette. Most Eliquid makers just increase the nicotine content to give more throat hit. Now with proper adjusts most E-Liquids can have that Throat Hit without always just increasing nicotine strengths. This let e-cig users (Vapers) still have the option of light smoke replications or no nicotine content smoke juice without sacrificing taste and vapor production.

E-Liquid Vapor Production Importance Explained
Good vapor production? The vapor is the smoke like vapors exhaled when smoking an electronic cigarette or E-Cigs and is directly influenced by the e-liquid smoke juice. When a user of an electronic cigarette exhales most want more vapor or realistic smoking qualities. This aspect of the e cigarette is very important to smokers who rely on the vapor emitted at exhale to look and yes feel like real smoke. These juices offered here have those qualities built in. Even long time tobacco smokers agree that the feeling of smoking our juice is very closely felt when using these quality and affordable e-liquids.

E-Liquid Storage and Quality Delivery Facts
Although every smoker or ex-smokers tastes are unique and different we try to provide actual e liquid reviews and information to every customer. This e-liquid is proudly made in the USA and great strides are provided to ensure those high quality standards and repeatability are maintained. Safety precautions and handling when mixing and delivering your e-Juice are of utmost importance to us.

Storage of e-Liquids is also important. When storing ant smoke juice product they should always be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place to avoid spoiling of the ingredients and changing the important taste characteristics of the products. Shipping and Delivery are Fast, Secure and packaged well to you the customer. From custom flavors to DYI mixing smoke juice care is always taken from mixing to delivery to you. If you want more information you may also visit here for secure E Cig E Liquid ordering and details.

 E-Liquid Smoke Juice Mаkеs Electronic Cigarettes Better.

The dangers оf smoking аrе wіdеlу advertised: Federal law requires thаt cigarette advertisements hаvе а "Surgeon General's Warning" оn thеm reading sоmеthіng lіkе "Cigarette smoking mау bе hazardous tо уоur health" оr cigarette smoke соntаіns carbon monoxide." Entrepreneurs seeking ways tо enable people tо rid thеmsеlvеs оf thеіr cigarette addiction hаvе соmе uр wіth devices suсh аs "Cigarrest." Аnd nоw electronic cigarettes аrе bеіng mаdе. Тhеsе alternatives tо conventional cigarettes provide а vaporized solution free оf nicotine ("smokeless e-Liquid") аnd аrе powered bу batteries. Тhе taste remains sіmіlаr tо thаt оf tobacco. Тhе cigarette wаs invented bу Hon Lik, а Chinese pharmacist, іn 2003.

Electronic cigarettes consist оf three parts: а mouthpiece, оr cartridge; а heating element, оr "atomizer;" аnd а battery аnd electronics. Тhе mouthpiece іs constructed tо enable thе vapor created іn thе atomizer tо flow раst thе solution container аnd reach thе smoker's mouth. Тhе cigarette user саn replace thе smokeless e-liquid whеn іt runs оut, usіng аnоthеr pre-filled cartridge, оr simply refill іt. Тhе atomizer vaporizes thе smokeless e-liquid sо thе smoker саn inhale іt; іts filaments must bе replaced whеn thеу burn оut. Тhе battery іn mоst electronic cigarettes іs оf thе lithium ion rechargeable type.

The crucial ingredient оf electronic cigarettes — thе smokeless
e-liquid, аlsо knоwn аs e-juice — іs usuаllу sold separately іn а refillable cartridge. Commonly, а flavoring оf sоmе sort іs included іn thе juice, suсh аs coffee, caramel, vanilla, оr chocolate — оr thеrе mау bе а flavor designed tо resemble thе tobacco оr menthol оf traditional cigarettes. Тhе flavor іs dissolved іn glycerin, еіthеr propylene glycol (PG) оr vegetable glycerin (VG).

It shоuld bе mentioned thаt nоt аll electronic cigarettes аrе entirely harmless. Тhе
smokeless e-liquid mау соntаіn nicotine аnd іs thеn оftеn called nicotine solution. Тhе nicotine content іs rated ассоrdіng tо fоur levels: high concentration, medium concentration, low concentration аnd zеrо concentration. Beginners usе mаіnlу medium аnd low concentration, whеrеаs people whо hаvе bееn smoking fоr years аrе mоrе lіkеlу tо usе cigarettes wіth high concentration levels.

electronic cigarettes wіth thеіr smokeless e-liquid аrе thе best alternative tо smoking; аnd thеу hаvе thе support оf thе American Association оf Public Health Physicians (AAPHP). Аnd bесаusе thеу gіvе оff nо tobacco smoke, thеу саn bе usеd іn public places whеrе smoking ordinary cigarettes іs nоt allowed, whісh саn relieve thе stress оftеn experienced bу smokers іn public.

 Testimonials- Don't Take Our word For It- Here's what others are saying about My Freedom Smokes...

"I think this is the greatest. I received my starter kit Sept. 25th and have not smoked a real cig since. I thought that I would have the shakes and be just miserable but I'm not, I feel great. My taste is coming back and I can smell something other than just cig smoke. My kids think it's fantastic. I started my husband on the e-cig too. He has gone from 3 packs a day down to 1 pack with the use of the e- cig. I hope that pretty soon he will just be using the e-cig alone. Thanks for such a great product."
- Kim T. via email

Hello Chris, my name is Aaron and I recently ordered 3 juices from you Friday morning. I ordered a red bull, menthol, and a mild seven and I just wanted to thank you for a really good buy. I'm normally not a person who leaves feedback after a purchase, but damn your stuff is really really good. I've been vaping cherry from Totally Wicked and I may never buy from them again because your stuff is just better. I only ordered 6ml of mild seven and I'm really regretting it. I only ordered a small amount because I've never vaped a tobacco flavored juice before and I didn't know how i would like it. Turns out I love it. I will definitely be getting more juice from you in the near future. Thanks

"Now that I'm online again, I can send you a thank you note."
I was able to quit smoking 3 months ago after 40 years due to e-cigs. I was moving residences and travelling internationally through multiple destinations. After everything was packed up and just before I left on my trip, I discovered that the movers had packed up the nic juice supply that I was going to take to tide me over until my residence stuff arrived at its destination, weeks later.
I was terrified that without the nic juice, I would be forced back into smoking again. I was able to use my netbook in the dark, hacking my neighbor's network, and get online to you.
Because of your thoughtful overnight shipping service, I was able to order some nic juice from you and have it overnighted to a hotel where I would be staying some days later. You handled the emergency order perfectly, it arrived in the right place on time.

When I went to the hotel desk, they pulled out the package and gave it to me. I had 1 ml of nic juice left. I was saved!
So I wanted to thank you for saving me from the terrible fate of going back to smoking. Your stuff is always top quality, you always handle my orders correctly and expeditiously, and I do appreciate the weird little freebies you include.
So if you ever need a testimonial, I'm your man. Thanks a lot!"
- Robert B. via email

"I ordered Cappuccino, Red Bull, Banana Cream, and Marshmallow smoke juices from you last week and they are ALL COMPLETELY AMAZING! THEY'RE WONDERFUL and I'm truly grateful for you and your highly efficient service!! Everyone that stands behind you and your products on the e-cigarette forum was absolutely correct and I'm glad that I did business with you! Your pricing is GREAT and offering sale items is an added bonus!! I will definitely be ordering with you again, and you just may become my sole e-liquid provider! I've also referred all my friends and family to you!"
-Ashaki M., Vancouver WA

"I tried nicotine gum, the patch, pills, you name it. But I could never get past the need to puff on something. My Freedom Smokes relieves my psychological cravings as well as my physical ones."
- Linda G., Concord NC

"My Freedom Smokes changed my life! Now I can enjoy smoking without any of the dangers of lighting up a cigarette."
- Joe R., Charlotte NC

"I tried nicotine gum, the patch, pills, you name it. But I could never get passed the need to puff on something. My Freedom Smokes relieves my psychological cravings as well as my physical ones."
- Linda G., Concord NC

"I have COPD. My doctor told me if I didn't quit smoking, I would wind up with emphysema. But I just can't seem to quit. Then I found My Freedom Smokes and showed her how they work. She approved of this alternative to cigarettes when my breathing improved. Thank you, My Freedom Smokes!"
- Philip S., Columbia SC

"My grandson has begged me to stop smoking, and believe me, I've tried several times. Not just for myself, but to protect him from second hand smoke. My Freedom Smokes has been the best solution for both of us."
- Maxine F., Concord NC

"I have received the product in good working order and very quickly! ... It's not exactly the same as the real thing but is definitely a fine alternative to quitting, and my children actually like the way the 'smoke' smells. I look forward to trying the chocolate cartridges that you included with my order. Thank you!"
- Jeff P., Richmond VA

Chris, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your company an you as well. I appreciate the phone call you made to me about my order. The e-juices that you recommended and sent to me are some of my favorites. Thank you very much and rest assured that I will be placing orders with you in the future. Sincerely, Keith P.

Placed an order last week for a 510 kit w/ PCC, some juice, and some attys. You helped me get my hands on some black manual battys despite probably being swamped due to the big sale. I just wanted to tell you that I sincerely appreciate the level of service I received, and the fast shipping. My girlfriend is a hair stylist and she is taking a very important business trip to NYC this weekend. It’s a huge deal that she’ll be able to spend her week (and hopefully the foreseeable future) without worrying about finding a place to smoke, smelling like smoke around clients, etc. She loves her 510, and it’s thanks to you that I was able to get it, without a hitch, at a great price.
-All the best, Kameron

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Yes there are even more E-Liquids on sale than are listed.  

E-Liquid Ecig Smoke Juice Review Flavor Descriptions of My Freedom Smokes E-Juice.

The following are only general taste and flavor descriptions for your reference. Actual e-juice tastes vary from user to user slightly.


555 - Traditional cigarette that is made by British American Tobacco and is the most popular brand of cigarette in Asia. It has a slightly nutty notes almost a little caramel overtone.

RY4 – RY4 is a flavor originally developed by a company called Ruyan, the original inventors of the e-cigarette. RY4 has an interesting history as the original is no longer made and has become sort of a unicorn for manufacturers and vapers. It is a blend of tobacco, caramel and vanilla.

Flue Cured E-Liquid- Flue Cured e liquid reminds you of that distinctive burley tobacco aroma.
E juice with some backbone. Stay’s loyal to it’s southern roots. Very popular electronic cigarette liquid refill.

Tobacco E-Liquid- This is a very nice tobacco flavor , not too sweet , just right ! worth giving it a chance

Cigar Eliquid- Cigar has duplicated the enjoyment of smoking a real cigar. Fill your e cig with this flavorful nicotine juice. Electronic cigarette heaven.

Cowboy Tobacco Eliquid - A Rich, full-flavored tobacco taste. A smoke juice a cowboy would vape. Exotic e-Liquid Flavors

Exotics and More E-Cig Liquids

Apple Pie E- Liquid- Just like your grandmother used to make. Our decadent Apple Pie flavor is sure to delight Tastes just like the real thing right out of the oven. This Apple E-Liquid is a classic. My Freedom Smokes Apple Pie E-Liquid has delivered the best flavor compared to other e-liquid providers. Smooth throat hit, with a buttery and cinnamon finish.

Banana Cream E-Liquid-A creamy, sweet banana flavored smoke juice. Rich custard flavor with a strong undertone of bananas. A sure way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Banana E-Juice- Our rich banana flavored smoke juice is sure to delight. Perfectly captures the smell of a ripe banana's flavor with the added benefit of rich vapor and satisfying taste.

Bavarian Cream E-Liquid- Name derived from the early 19th century state of Bavaria, Germany. This classic dessert has been captured and delivered to you in vapor form. A rich, creamy Bavarian Cream E-Liquid with the slightest taste of flavored liqueur.

Black Cherry E-Juice-Our sweet black cherry smoke juice has a rich, sweet flavor. Nothing quite like the sweet taste of freshly picked black cherries to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Black Walnut Eliquid-Black walnut e-juice is slightly sweet, aromatic and nutty.

Blackberry EJuice-Sweet and juicy blackberries come to life in this smoke juice. Great flavor and you don't have to worry about the seeds.

Blue Berry Cheesecak E-Liquid-The sweet and tangy taste of blueberries married with the smooth creaminess of cheese cake.

Bubble Gum E-Liquid- Sweet and fruity, Just like you remember as a kid

Chocolate Covered Cherries E-Liquid- Chocolate and Creamy Cherry Center Yum.

Chocolate E-Liquid – Rich chocolate taste and aroma. Vapes and tastes like true chocolate.

Cinnamon e-liquid - A spicy cinnamon e-liquid flavored smoke juice.

Coconut E-Liquid - Taste of the island tropics. This vapor is the true essence of the coconut. The real aroma and taste of the fruit itself.

Cotton Candy E-Liquid - Cotton Candy and this is true to it's name.

Cream E-Liquid
Double Mint E-Liquid
Dreamsicle E-Liquid
English Toffee E-Liquid
Fruity Tuity Pineapple E-Liquid
Grape E-Liquid
Green Apple E-Liquid
Guava E-Liquid
Healthy Pear E-Liquid
Jolly Rancher Pineapple E-Liquid
Kiwi E-Liquid
Lemon E-Liquid
Licorice E-Liquid
Mandarin E-Liquid
Mango E-Liquid
Maple E-Liquid
Marshmallow E-Liquid
Mentha Spicata E-Liquid
Mint E-Liquid
Orange E-Liquid
Peach E-Liquid
Peanut Butter E-Liquid
Pecan E-Liquid
Peppermint E-Liquid
Pina Colada E-Liquid
Plum E-Liquid
Pomegranates E-Liquid
Prailines & Creame E-Liquid
Pumpkin E-Liquid
Raspberry E-Liquid
Red Delicious Apple E-Liquid
Red Licorice E-Liquid
Reece Cup E-Liquid
Rock Candy E-Liquid
Royal Raspberry E-Liquid
SaltWater Taffy E-Liquid
Sassafras E- Liquid
Spearmint E-Liquid
Strawberry Bannana E-Liquid
Strawberry Cheesecake E-Liquid
Strawberry E-Liquid
Strawberry Kiwi E-Liquid
Sugar Yogurt E-Liquid
Sweet Apple E-Liquid
Tropical Punch E-Liquid
Tutti-Fruity E-Liquid
Vanilla E-Liquid
Vanilla Ice Cream E-Liquid
Vanilla-Butternut E-Liquid
Vanilla-Cream-Caramel-Coffee E-Liquid
Waffle E-Liquid
Watermelon E-Liquid
White Chocolate E-Liquid
Wiskey E-Liquid

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